Let's Talk About Me

Hey, I’m Evan - nice to meet you.

Lemmons Family

If you want to put a face to the name I'm the only person in this picture who isn't a beautiful woman or an adorable little princess. By day I’m a web developer at North Point Ministries and by night I’m a husband and father to my gorgeous girls. Formerly a professional musician, I still get to scratch that itch from time to time as well.

I’ve always loved to create. Whether that is through music, games, or web design I have spent my whole life finding the best way to use emotion and story to move people.

That drive to create is exactly why I want to work with you. I get to hear your passion and interests and make a place for you to share it with the world.

Who wouldn’t want to do that?


Let's Talk About You

You're probably here because you don't have the time, energy, or desire to sink into learning how to build a beautiful and functional website. Even using cutting-edge tools like Squarespace can be daunting for someone who isn't familiar with the terminology, much less knowledgeable about creating a user experience that keeps people coming back.

Here's where I come in.

Once I'm done purchasing and setting up your domain (http://yoursite.com), customizing your page's template with some code (nerd magic), and optimizing your content for maximum engagement it will be effortless for you to maintain on your own. Let me do the heavy lifting and after a brief handoff meeting you'll pop the training wheels off and be rolling in no time.

Oh, it's more complex than that?

If your project is a little more in depth, something like a site that requires a subscription based model or needs to house a ton of media assets, or let's say you have an existing website that you need to squash bugs on or add features to - look no further compadre. I'm familiar with industry leading frameworks in a variety of languages and I've done my fair share of updating Word Press plugins and themes. Whatever you need, I've got you covered.