Trey McKnight


I can't say enough good stuff about this guy. Trey is one of the most endearing, honest, and encouraging individuals I've ever met and it rules that he let me support him in a small way on his journey. He's currently on staff at Woodstock City Church working with high schoolers, but he's also taking that wisdom and experience and using it to speak at events all over the place – and when he's not doing that he's using that charisma and energy to host events to make them even more awesome. You're gonna want Trey at your next event.

*Incredibly important side note - Trey can also sing like a bird:



When we started talking about a website, Trey already had clear ideas on what he was looking for. A clean layout, informative and straight to the point, and a way to get in touch with him. We checked out some websites for other speakers doing similar things and having one long scrolling page seemed to be the trend.

Think about it, this whole site is really a digital business card that's saying "Hey, this is who I am, why you should use me, and how you can book me." You don't want much fluff to get in the way of that. Why break that up into three small pages when you could weave it together into one? With that goal made clear, we honed in on some killer photos of Trey doing his thing and dropped them into the Pacific template (which specializes in the long scroll) and called it a day!

I made sure to put thought into the flow of the site to make it feel like you really got to know Trey on the trip down the page. First you land on his handsome mug and then scroll straight to an "About Me" type of blurb. Beneath that we introduce you to his friends and family through social media and add some interactive buttons to generate additional interest in this section. Once you're all warm and fuzzy - bam! The call to action takes you straight to the contact form.


While there is something to be said for having a cool business card, we're in a time where your digital footprint is not only speaking about your relevancy to culture but also has a lot to do with how potential clients perceive you. One of my favorite stories related to this is how Ghirardelli Chocolate became so successful.

Early in his career Domingo Ghirardelli had trouble keeping his chocolate business afloat. He called in a business expert for some consultation and the guy only had one piece of feedback for him: the chocolate was amazing, but the presentation was weak. From then on Domingo wrapped his chocolate in gold foil and increased the price to raise perceived value and his product started flying off the shelf.

Times are different now, but one fact remains true. The more serious you are about how your business is perceived, the more serious clients will be about working with you. Getting hooked up with a sleek website that doesn't beat around the bush will not only help remove any barriers potential clients might have, but it also gains their trust because you took the effort to create an excellent digital experience for them.


Sometimes less is more! It's easy for me to want to blow out a site with lots of pages and cool custom code but sometimes what the client needs is something simple and clean. As far as technical stuff, I did find this awesome site that helps you create links that will open smartphone apps when clicked. If you'll notice, when you click on Trey's Snapchat link it will try to open or download the app for you. Mind blown. We live in the future.

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