Being Mastered

Working in an office has a lot of perks like, having a cool desk, collaborating with cool people, and getting a change of scenery from working at home all the time. But the biggest pitfall of working in my particular office is most certainly the free food.

What? This sounds super backwards, how is that not a perk? Well sometimes it is. Like if I forgot my lunch at home, or if I didn't pack enough, or if the leftovers are just a bit too old to be eaten with the confidence that I won't get sick. But it's not even the food that's the pitfall, it's the desserts and candy bowls around every corner. And the fact that every good deed is rewarded with a cookie cake on my team. As someone with a self diagnosed addiction to sugar, this combination sent me into a year long sugar coma that I just recently made my way out of.

I took the whole month of August off of sugar. I wasn't wildly extreme about it, I just made sure to eat no candy or dessert at all and man, was the withdrawal surprisingly painful. And I was angry and hungry all the time, not realizing how much of my intake was completely sugar driven. But voicing my sugar abstinence to everyone around me really helped me stay on track.

There's a verse in Corinthians that talks about how you can do pretty much anything you want to, but not everything I can do is beneficial for me and how unknowingly the things you do eventually become your master. I was a slave to sugar. I would eat 5 Reeses before it was even lunch time then I'd go looking for cupcakes. I didn't want to, but something inside me was driving me to do it. When I realized how I couldn't even keep up playing with my kids at home I knew something had to change.

Sugar had become my master, and it was embarrassing to say aloud. But through confronting it and knowing that being healthier not only made me feel better and (hopefully) live longer but would also help me have more energy and motivation to play with my kids I was able to complete the month. So problem solved, right? Addiction gone?


Only 5 days into September and I've binged on sugar twice already. This made me realize you can't just set some arbitrary goal and then claim you've conquered the thing that's been your master for years and years. It takes time, and a month is a step in the right direction but it's just one step on a long journey.

Obviously sugar is just one of many masters people can have. I probably have others I don't realize yet. But I hope anyone reading this who is blind to their master would see clearly, anyone who is embarrassed to address it would have courage, and anyone who is currently battling for control of their life would be strong and know that the fight is never over but it does get easier with time.


Evan Lemmons

Lemmons Creative LLC, Alpharetta, Georgia, USA

Husband, father, musician, gamer.