Kitchen Sink

I find it really difficult to love new music in the same way I love the music I grew up with. There's just something about completely connecting with a song at the perfect point in time that will help it survive the test of time. I find that in my adult life there are far less moments where songs really impact me than there were when I was younger, but that doesn't mean I don't connect with new music.

For example, the most painful breakup of my life was in 9th grade, but there was Decisions, Decisions by The Starting Line to get me through it. Then when I was 16 the first time I went driving by myself I snuck a New Found Glory cd in with me and blasted Vegas as loud as I could. Oh - then there was the moment when I found out almost all of my favorite video games ever had been scored by the legendary Nobuo Umeatsu. Or when dubstep was big for a minute and I heard the drop of Scatta by Skrillex with some friends and we all lost our minds. And pretty much anything by Thrice whose musical evolution followed me through high school all the way into adulthood.

But there are always those go to songs, albums, or bands that I'll probably listen to forever. So it became pretty difficult to choose what to listen to when I'm working and need to focus. Do I check out a new artist that I might not like? Do I play out the same old songs I always do? Super obvious lightbulb goes off - why not play them both. Viola, Kitchen Sink was born.

Over forty two hours of musical hodgepodge and growing every day. Most days I pull this playlist up, put it on shuffle, and get to work. Anytime I hear a new song that I like, I throw it into this playlist and eventually I'll come back around to it. It helps me get into newer music by sandwiching it between songs that are already winners in my book.


Evan Lemmons

Lemmons Creative LLC, Alpharetta, Georgia, USA

Husband, father, musician, gamer.