Casey Darnell, Truth & Co.

People tell you to never do business with your friends, but I must have lucked out with these fine folks. I was in a band with Casey for years before we finally decided to get a legit website together for him. I'd gone to school for programming and had an affinity for the web but honestly, I'd never used Squarespace before and saw this as a cool opportunity to add another web service to my tool belt. It didn't take very long for me to realize the depth and power contained in the Squarespace platform.

After launching Casey's site, his wife Anisa realized she needed an online presence for her interior design business Truth & Co. and so my next project was born. Two very different sites using two different templates required two different approaches to get their messages across.


Now because it was my first site, there are things I would go back and do differently, but overall I think it turned out great! A band website usually is very low on written content and high on calls to action like buying an album or merch, finding tour dates, and connecting on social media. The standard Squarespace musician pages didn't seem to fit Casey's style so we ended up using the Five template for it's interesting modern look and persistent footer navigation to keep social media and iTunes links present at all times.

Casey's site actually lands on a photography gallery that displays what some of our concerts and events had been like so people looking to book us could get a sense of what to expect. The news page is the logical next step to see what's up as far as recent releases and upcoming dates for shows/events. Obviously the biggest call to action is to purchase the new CD so I made that very prominent on almost every page.

Because Casey is very active on social media I opted into showing both his Instagram and Twitter feed pretty high up on the page. Linking up your social media with your website does wonders for SEO especially if you're active and have any sort of following.

Finally I embedded Casey's SoundCloud account and put a link back to the Photography page so people could stay up to date on new releases.

I love this as a home page because it crams a lot of information into small, bite-size pieces of information that are broken up by imagery that feels cohesive.

As for his other page, Casey wanted some interactive options on his Contact form that Squarespace didn't natively provide so we went 3rd party and used Formstack. Now depending on the options you select, the form will hide or show the appropriate fields. We also housed audio tracks and pdfs within Squarespace that are available for download through his Music section. Pretty straightforward, simple, and efficient. That's my kind of site.


Cool little fact about the Darnell family - they have three daughters (with #4 on the way!) whose middle names are Truth, Grace, and Love with the eldest having Truth, hence the name Truth & Co.

Anisa's unbelievable room designs were so powerful that it allowed the rest of the site to fade into the background using only black and white accents, tall and skinny modern fonts, and the Hayden template doing exactly what it was intended for - interior design.

The hardest part of putting this page together was selecting the right images because she had so many great ones to choose from. Once that was settled we needed to focus on some verbiage that would draw people in. Selecting an interior designer isn't like picking out a couch - it's a pretty personal relationship you develop with someone as they outfit your home to fit your style. While I'm usually very against more than one paragraph of text on a landing page, it made sense here.

Eventually I hope to build this page out into multiple sections just like the Residential area that also encompass Commercial areas and Events that she's helped plan, but the site had a hard launch date so we had to release without it.

Using personal terminology like Our Story instead of About and Hire Us instead of Contact lean the page in a much more personal direction rather than professional. Also naming your blog something interesting like Anisa's Found page generates interest and encourages you to click to see what it's all about.

These sites were both so fun to make as I learned about Squarespace. They show how a low-customization site can still look beautiful and be functional. Most of my newer sites have more custom code and interactivity, but these sites prove you don't need to use every single tool in your tool belt for every project.


Evan Lemmons

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