Better Than The Alternative

It's been a while

Being busy has it's perks. It means I've always got work to do, somewhere to be, family to enjoy - but man am I worn out. But isn't that what they say? Being busy is always better than the alternative. Maybe.

This post is really just to dip my toe back into the blog as a declaration that I'm going to keep it more updated moving forward. I plan to go more in depth with code learnings, client promotions, and general ramblings so if you're into that kind of thing just friend me on Facebook - I'll post there with new content.

Where ya been?

With 15 complete sites under my belt as and 10 more through my day job with North Point and lots more on the docket for both, I can honestly say I feel like I'm hitting my stride with this whole Squarespace thing. However it's really limited my blogging time. And while I honestly don't expect anyone to be on the edge of their seats awaiting my blog posts, it has been a fun way for me to put some ideas out there and flesh out some things I've been thinking about.

Most importantly though, my blog is currently acting as a place to showcase my client's sites and I'm gonna quit slacking in that area right here and now. There are some pretty fantastic folks that you need to know about, so check them out.

Shout out

My better half Jen graciously added Project Manager for to her already impressive resume. My process is so streamlined now and my clients are reaping the benefits of it the most. You're gonna love it.

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